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JAS High-Power Automotive Battery

An Eco-Friendly, Rechargeable, Smart Battery

Second GenerationJAS High-Power Automotive Battery is a revolutionary LiFePO4 rechargeable battery. It is an eco-friendly, safe, high energy, and durable battery with four sets of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells and the built-in, state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS).

The BMS constantly monitors both battery and vehicle status to guard against battery depletion or failure. The Smart Battery Display will alert you with light and sound in the case of any battery or vehicle charging malfunctions. When the battery drops to 15% capacity or lower due to battery/vehicle problems, leaving the headlights on overnight, electric leakage, etc. the BMS Low Battery Protection will kick in and automatically shut off the battery after the car engine is turned off. You can jump-start your car with a single press of the RESET button. No roadside assistance is needed to get you on the way.

JAS High-Power Automotive Battery provides higher energy output than conventional lead-acid batteries and can also improves the performance of the vehicle. Our customers reported that their driving experiences has been improved dramatically after installing JAS High-Power Automotive Batteries—engines are more powerful while quieter, acceleration is faster, Torque and Horsepower are higher, and it almost like " upgrading" to the next level of car cylinder. The lights are also brighter, air conditioning performs better, and the high-power car audio system works well without interfering other car electronic. JAS High-Power Automotive Battery also provides better fuel economy, a 10~25% fuel savings, and fewer emissions from otherwise unmodified standard vehicles.

With 3+ times the cycle life of conventional rechargeable batteries, JAS High-Power Automotive Battery is virtually maintenance free. It is also safe: it will not explode under extreme conditions or in accidents, and it does not contain nor produce acid or explosive hydrogen gas. JAS High-Power Automotive Battery is also an eco-friendly product: it contains no hazardous materials and requires no special waste treatment/recycling.

Porsche Automobile announced its LiFePO4 Automotive Battery in 2009 as an option to replace its standard lead-acid battery. The company suggested using the optional, high-efficiency LiFePO4 automotive battery because the conventional lead-acid automotive battery only has 30% energy efficiency, and the remaining 70% energy are squandered. The company also stated that it will continue to develop the LiFePO4 automotive battery.

In summary, the LiFePO4 automotive battery is by far the optimal replacement of the conventional lead-acid automotive battery. However, this does not apply to all batteries consisting LiFePO4 cells. To develop a high quality, durable, stable, and safe battery, the developer/manufacturer must go through countless details during the long R&D period of time, including choosing the battery cells with right characteristics, designing, manufacturing and testing the cells, the materials and design/layout of connectors and terminals, and the whole battery structure designs. The repeating field tests afterwards are also important. Without the precise and detailed development, most LiFePO4 automotive batteries currently in the market fails after a year or two.

With heavy capital investment and long R&D period of time, JAS High-Power Automotive Battery has also undergone countless field tests and numerous modifications to become the premium, high efficiency product today. We are confident that JAS High-Power Automotive Battery is the world's best Automotive Battery with unparalleled quality, power, safety, and durability.

JAS High-Power Automotive Battery

    Feature Details
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
    • Designed and manufactured by MiNT Systems, an US automatic test equipment (ATE) company
    • Monitors battery and vehicle status in real time
    • Low battery protection: automatically shuts off battery at 15% capacity to prevent depletion
    • If battery malfunction is detected, the battery will automatically shut off after the car engine is turned off
    • Dynamic cell balancing
  • Smart Battery Display
    • Easy-to-read visual alert system
    • Green: power on; your battery is in good condition
    • Yellow: battery service required; send your battery in for warranty service
    • Red: vehicle charging system malfunction detected; have your car serviced to prevent damage to battery
  • Lightweight, High-Energy
    • 2x the energy of a conventional lead-acid battery of the same size
    • 3x the energy of a conventional lead-acid battery of the same weight
    • 5x the peak power of a conventional lead-acid battery of the same capacity
  • Excellent Safety Characteristics
    • Iron phosphate technology uses inherently safe, rechargeable lithium ion chemistry
    • Will not explode under extreme conditions or in accidents
    • Does not contain nor produce acid or explosive hydrogen gas
    • No risk of leaking under normal use conditions – battery is completely sealed with no free electrolyte to spill
    • No risk of thermal runaway under normal use conditions; remains thermally stable even with electrical or physical abuse
  • Longer Cycle Life
    • 3~5x the cycle life of conventional rechargeable batteries
    • Allows deep cycling without degradation of battery performance
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free
    • Requires virtually no maintenance over the service life of the battery, reducing costs and downtime
    • No corrosion of power terminals
    • No electrolyte refilling required
    • No periodic cleaning required
    • No conditioning needed for long-term storage
  • All-Weather Performance
    • High current rating and excellent capacity retention, even in cold weather and snow
    • Excellent cycling ability in a wide range of environmental temperatures
    • Proven to maintain constant voltage profile from -20°C to 85°C
  • No Sudden Battery Death
    • Linear, predictable battery aging
  • No Need To Jump-Start Engine
    • Start the engine without jumpstarting, and the battery will automatically begin to charge
    • Easy, single button reset when battery is shut off by BMS: low battery protection kicks in, but battery power will still be available for engine start
    • At room temperature, engine can be started with as little as 5% battery capacity
  • Customize Your Battery: Flexibly Scalable
    • Cascadable structure enables combining multiple JAS High-Power Batteries for increased voltage, current, and power